Peter Callesen



Drawings and Monoprints
Various sizes, series with The Dying Swan. Ink, pencil and watercolour on paper.

Inspired by the character from my performances "The Dying Swan" and "Inside The Dying Swan", I started to make drawings and monoprints in which The Dying Swan creates his own universe independent on the performances. The style of the drawings and prints are in many ways similar to drawings in children's book, but here dealing with more philosophical questions such as death, rebirth and self creation. The old question of the chicken and the egg is inhabited as well, and is underlined by the aspect of something circular and The Ugly Duckling trying to achieve the impossible. Like the egg is whole and circular, so is many of the drawings in their self-reference. The duck sees eggs all over, everything becomes eggs, as if he can't escape his small self-contained world. The circle can't be broken without the egg and the Duck's whole life breaks. Only I as an artist can break the circle, by making it visible. In that sense I think that the tragicomic Ugly Duckling to a certain extend is my alter ego. The aspect of self-creation also borders towards subjects as sexuality, relationships and loneliness.